Governing Board is a committee composed of parents, school staff and community members. The governing board is a decision-making body which, by establishing a management dynamic between the institution and the school board, gives schools o the resources required to meet the educational needs of all students. Parents are to attend all governing board meetings.

Governing Board Members 2023-2024

Parent Members                                                                      

  • Natalie Codner (Chairperson)                                     
  • Stephany Christou                                                          
  • Tania Cundari                                                                   
  • Valarie Di Paolo                                                                              
  • Mary Masucci                                                                   
  • Stephanie Rota                                                          

Staff Members

  • Derek Cavaliere (Teacher)
  • Debbie Godin (Teacher)
  • Zodia James-Nolan (Daycare)
  • Mike Leuzzi (Teacher)
  • Dori Raymond (Support Staff)
  • Stephanie Schreindorfer (Teacher)


  • Dena Chronopoulos(Principal)
  • Dan Tremblay (Interim Principal)
  • Antoinette Caprera (Vice Principal)

Governing Board Annual Report

Parent Participation Organization (PPO)

The purpose of a PPO is to encourage the collaboration of parents in developing, implementing and periodically evaluating the school’s educational project and their participation in fostering their child’s success.The PPO may also advise the parents’ representatives on the governing board regarding any matter of concern to parents or which the organization is consulted by the parents’ representatives.

PPO Chairperson
Maria Pace